1. Program refers to the My Diamond Privilege Program
  2. Privilege Card refers to the My Diamond Privilege Card
  3. Member refers to card holder or the customer who applied and qualifies to be a participant of the program
  4. Store refers to My Diamond and Diamantaire branches
  5. Management refers to Cullinan Group, Inc.



These terms and conditions apply to the My Diamond Privilege Program. These define the guidelines for the issuance and use of the My Diamond Privilege Card and the rights and obligations of the program members. By signing up for the program, members of the My Diamond Privilege Program agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.



Members agree to purchase jewelry from the store at the minimum amount required and completely fill out application form in order to be cardholder or participant of the program.
Members are required to provide accurate information in the application form and one valid government issued I.D.

Members may update their contact information or changes in their profile (e.g. change in name, address, mobile phone number, email address, etc.) by informing the store in writing.

Members agree to receive communication from the program through email, SMS, calls or registered mail.
Membership to the program does not expire unless the management decides to cancel the program. Management has the right to cancel the membership of a member and the program.



  1. Members are required to present the privilege card and a valid ID with photo and signature when claiming or availing the program benefits.
  2. Members of the program are entitled to a discount for Ready to Wear, Repeat Design Request and Made to Order every time they purchase from the store for either cash or straight card transaction. The discount will depend on their membership level. The program discount cannot be used in conjunction with the senior citizen discount and other promotions of the store.
  3. Members are entitled to avail the jewelry care services like rhodium for white gold jewelry pieces, professional cleaning or stone tightening free of charge once a year per jewelry piece bought from the store starting August 2012.
  4. Members may also receive perks and rewards from the program’s partner establishments. Management and the program are not responsible and cannot be liable if the member fails to redeem the abovementioned perks and rewards and if the partner establishment has failed to satisfactory provide the product and/or services being redeemed by the member.
  5. Management has the sole discretion to choose the members who will be invited to the exclusive members-only events and sales.
  6. Management has the right and discretion to make changes in the program benefits without prior notice.



Management has the sole right and discretion to make changes in the program, including but not limited to, membership eligibility, benefits and terms and conditions without prior notice. Management will try its best to inform the members about the abovementioned changes. However, management shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.



Any breach of the terms and conditions by the member may result in the cancellation of membership and all the program benefits and may be a ground for membership refusal/disapproval to future programs of Cullinan Group, Inc.
Management’s decisions to cancel membership due to breach of terms and conditions is final and irrevocable




1.     What is the My Diamond Privilege Program?

The My Diamond Privilege Program is an exclusive program launched to make buying high quality jewelry “easier” and more “rewarding” for its members.

2.     What do you mean when you say easier and more rewarding?

Easier because of the big discounts that the program offers. Rewarding because aside from the big discounts, loyal customers are also entitled to avail free jewelry care services, lifestyle perks from our partner merchants and exclusive access to events and sales.

3.      What are the free jewelry care services that members can avail?

By using the privilege card, members can avail the following jewelry care services once a year for every jewelry piece bought from My Diamond starting August 2012.

Rhodium Dipping / Plating: This process will give brilliant white and reflective plating on jewelry. This service is applicable for white gold jewelry pieces only.
Professional Cleaning: This is a process of cleaning jewelry using specialized cleaning methods and chemicals that are more effective than DIY jewelry cleaning.
Stone Tightening: This is a process where loose stones of jewelry will be tightened.

4.     What are the perks and rewards that members may enjoy?

Members may avail lifestyle perks from partner merchants. Perks may come in the form of vouchers for health, beauty, dining, shopping or travel products or services.

5.     Who is qualified to be a member? Is there a purchase requirement?

Customers with new purchases amounting to P35,000.00 SRP (single or accumulated receipts) may apply to become a member of the program

6.      How do I enroll to this program?

Qualified customers will be required to fill out the application form completely and present a valid ID with photo and signature.

Pre-qualified customers will be required to fill out the application form completely and present a valid ID with photo and signature, print out of email invitations as proof that they have been pre-qualified.

7.     I am a current customer of My Diamond, I want to be a member but I did not receive an email invitation that I have been pre-                           qualified.  Can I still be a part of the program?

Yes, current customers who did not receive the email invitation need to present valid ID with photo and signature and original Sales Invoice from past purchases. We will validate previous purchases in our database and give you feedback.

8.     Is the P35,000.00 minimum required purchase for a single item purchase only?

The P35,000.00 minimum spent (SRP) can be for a single transaction jewelry purchase (single receipt) or multiple transactions of jewelry purchases (accumulated receipts).

9.      Can I use accumulated receipts in order for me to get bigger discounts and perks?

The discount and perks will be based on the membership level of the member. The membership level will be determined by management based on the recorded total accumulated purchases. Members just need to present their privilege card in order to avail the benefits of the program.

10.      Do I get my privilege card right away?

Yes you will receive your card when you achieve the minimum 35,000 purchase. In case of non-availability, your card will be delivered to your store of purchase within two (2) weeks.

11.      Can I avail the discount upon signing up?

Yes. The discount that you can avail will depend on amount that you purchase on the day that you sign up.

12.       Can I avail of the “free jewelry care services” right away? What do I need to present to avail these services?

Yes. Members will be required to present the privilege card, valid ID with photo and signature, original Sales Invoice or Jewelry Certificate and the jewelry in order to avail the free services.

13.       If I lose my Sales Invoice or Jewelry Certificate, can I still avail the service?

In case a customer cannot present either Sales Invoice or Jewelry Certificate, he or she can no longer avail the free jewelry service. Regular service fee will be applied.

14.      Is the free jewelry care service a one-time offer only?

Members can avail of the free jewelry care service once a year for every jewelry piece bought from any My Diamond store starting August 2012.

15.      Does the discount apply to all items?

The discount is applicable to: Ready to Wear, Repeat Design Request and Made to Order jewelry pieces only. Other items not specified are not included.

Ready to Wear: These are items which are readily available at the store and do not require any adjustments. It can be released to the client upon purchase.
Repeat Design Request: Repeat production of items based on the existing designs and exact specifications of jewelry pieces in our stores and product catalogue.
Made-to-Order: These are items that are not part of our current collection. Designs may come from the customer or specially designed by our in-house jewelry designer. Adjustments in thickness and width, appending additional stones, and any form of tweaking with existing designs are also considered as Made-to-Order.

16.       Can the discount be applied for credit card deferred purchases?

The discount can be applied to cash and credit card straight payments only. But we do offer a special scheme for deferred payment transactions. You may ask Store Associates for further details.

17.      Can I send someone to pick up my card in case I am not available?

Yes. The person who will pick up your card needs to present an authorization letter, a valid ID with photo and signature and your temporary card to claim your welcome kit and permanent card

18.      Is the card transferable?

No. My Diamond Privilege Card is exclusive to the original cardholder/member and is non-transferable

19.      Can I use My Diamond Privilege Card at all My Diamond Store?

Yes. Your card is like a passport to all My Diamond stores where you can enjoy the program benefits.

20.      If I lose my card, can I still avail of the discount and gift vouchers?

Yes. You can still avail of the discount and perks. Simply go to any My Diamond store, present a valid ID with photo and signature and fill up a Request for a Card Replacement Form. We will process the 1st replacement of your card free of charge. Succeeding replacements will incur a charge of P100.00 per card.


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