Celebrating the Brilliance of Women

Monday, March 18, 2019

What would the world be like without women? Time and again, women have faced ruthless challenges, but always come out on top –something certainly worth commemorating. There is no limit to a woman’s strength; consequently, Women’s Month is here to celebrate the lives and achievements of all women.

Receiving appreciation and recognition from loved ones is reassuring, but it is important for women to value and love themselves first. Big or small, each accomplished goal is reason enough to be rewarded.

It’s time to recognize all your accomplishments by honoring yourself with something that perfectly represents your strength and brilliance. The dedication you put into completing a goal should indeed be marked with something beautiful.

Adorn your fingers with My Diamond’s beautiful statement rings that will turn heads at any occasion like an 18K white gold flower shaped cocktail ring featuring 508 pieces of 3.71 carat diamonds and 475 pieces of 2.13 carat black diamonds. Feel like a queen with a lavish and intricate 18K white gold halo ring featuring 65 pieces of 0.6 carat diamonds; or an extraordinary 18K white gold illusion ring with 2 pieces of princess cut diamonds, 8 pieces of marquise cut diamonds, and 2 pieces round brilliant diamonds with total carat weight of .79 carats.

This Women’s Month, raise your flag and take pride in being a woman with My Diamond. 


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